In Amazon terms, the 1500 acres of rainforest managed by crees is not large. But our mission is. We strive to create a realistic long-term model for protecting the bio-diversity of the rainforest; one that fully involves the people who live here.
This means encouraging and providing support for sustainable ways of making a living from the rainforest. Rather than feeling the pressure to exploit their environment, we want the local communities to realise its importance as a long-term resource, vital to their prosperity.

This has to be a collaborative effort. On the one hand developing education programmes, on the other, building up enterprises that involve local know-how and harness global concern.
The advantage of bringing visitors to the rainforest - when run responsibly - is that it allows the global perspective to be understood locally, and vice-versa.
Rather than being taken for granted, the rainforest can then be recognized for its real worth.