Whether or not we can see and feel the rainforest in our everyday lives does not change the importance of these vast forests.

crees foundation supports a sustainable Amazon through better understanding the value of the rainforest and helping local people to use and access its resources in ways that are both profitable and that will preserve the Amazon for the next generation. We work in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Peru, where we deliver training and access to viable livelihood models and carry out our research. It is our goal to channel our research findings and experience into a sustainable management vision which provides true long-term benefit for both the Amazon rainforest and the people living on its doorstep.

Community Initiatives

crees Community Initiatives aim to support the people of Manu in becoming an empowered community with steady income based on sustainable enterprise and mechanisms for building and sharing their skills. We help local people develop sustainable livelihoods through enterprise models such as organic biogardens and agroforestry. Additionally we support Manu’s only further education Institute in developing high quality teaching resources and in training a new generation of conscientious and skilled young people.

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The crees Research Programme aims to understand and document the value of different activities and resources within Manu. We focus on biodiversity, ecosystem health and function, and socio-economic impact.  It is our goal to generate, share, and communicate the knowledge required to inform critical thinking and decision-making, helping lead to a sustainable future for the Amazon.

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Foundation Contacts

Community Contact

Contact our community team to find out more about you can support crees and our causes

Louise Rezler

Research Contact

Our research is based at the Manu Learning Centre, with support from Glasgow University

Andy Whitworth