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Conservation Research in the Manu Biosphere Reserve

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Crees’ Research Programme aims to generate knowledge about biodiversity, ecosystems and socio-economic challenges in one of the most important areas of biodiversity globally, the Manu biosphere Reserve.

We are doing this by gathering information and increasing understanding about biodiversity, ecosystem services and potential economic values of alternative land uses throughout the Biosphere Reserve.

The Problem



We perform research on a variety of different subjects: biodiversity, ecosystem services and socio-economics.



The Problem

The Manu Biosphere is one of the most biodiverse terrestrial ecosystems on earth, providing an important refuge for innumerable species of plants and animals and protecting traditional ways of life for the park’s indigenous populations. However, increasing pressure from immigration into the park, unsustainable agriculture practises and illegal logging are threatening transform the face of the Manu biosphere, endangering the communities and wildlife who reside there.

The Solution


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The Solutionbio-gardening

Local communities need to be given the tools in order to use their forest in an effective, economically productive and sustainable manner. We need to promote evidence-based land use practises which do not result in destruction of the rainforest. We need to develop techniques in order to rapidly inventory biodiversity throughout the tropics, so we can better understand the impacts of habitat destruction and conservation at local and landscape scales.




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