In March 2020, Crees began working on Covid-19 protocols. We have created our Crees’ Covid-19 protocols booklet, specialized in the Peruvian amazon. Thanks to these initiatives, we received the Peruvian Minister of Health’s permits to re-open our Manu Learning Centre in March 2021.

More recently, we received the International Safe Travels stamp from the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC).  Manu Learning Centre & Romero Rainforest Lodge are now available from August 2021.

In addition, the Crees’ staff are Certified for Emergency first response including Covid-19 and we are also fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Our Manu Learning Centre lodge has been adapted with an equipped clinic room, including a clinic bed and oxygen generator.

And, if there is a suspicion of a Covid-19 case at Manu Learning Centre, we have the Novel Covid-19 Antigens Rapid Test  available. 

We have now received our first guests since the pandemic began, maintaining high standards of safety. We look forward to continuing to share the lessons of nature and the importance of biodiversity with future generations at the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

About vaccination:

Our main focus is the safety and health of our staff, the local communities and our travelers. We therefore require all travelers to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to joining their programmes. This requirement is active now and will remain in place until the Peruvian government’s policy changes.

Please ask about any additional requirements that may exist based on your pre and post itinerary with us, such as protocols enforced by airlines, local businesses and others.


Travel insurance and Covid-19

Crees highly recommend our travelers protect themselves against the unexpected. We recommend that  travel insurance cover trip cancellation, interruption and delay benefits. Medical coverage should apply for illness or injury, and include coverage for travelers who may catch Covid-19 and/or who are forced to quarantine in their destination. It will provide you additional peace of mind and flexibility prior to your departure. For more information, please read our Crees Booklet information.


About the suspended programmes because of Covid-19

For our guests that had to suspend their booking due to Covid-19, please send an email to:  info@crees-manu.org  

You will be able to reserve a new programme with plenty of departure options beginning in August, 2021. Our new booking policies under these cases are flexible, making it easier to book easily and confidently. If you are not comfortable traveling as your departure date approaches, let us know and we will discuss different options.


Safe Travels stamp 

Perú and Crees Manu have become safe destinations for international guests. We have been awarded the world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp, known as Safe Travels by the https://wttc.org/.

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