A bustling research and education hub, hugged by regenerating forest.

The Manu Learning Centre (MLC) is a traditional Amazonian style lodge set against a beautiful tropical forest backdrop, where charismatic macaws squawk overhead and mischievous monkeys scamper in the canopy. Manu is the most biodiverse place on Earth. And the MLC protects regenerating Manu rainforest to provide a safe haven for rare and endangered wildlife.

It’s home to scientists, conservationists, students, interns and visitors from across the world brought together for their love of Manu rainforest and their passion to protect it. This is the frontline of conservation.

As a research and educational hub, the MLC hosts visitors from across the world. It’s an immersive, inspiring experience where you discover what can be achieved through biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, while directly contributing to our conservation and community projects.

The Manu Learning Centre was once farmland, now it’s a thriving haven for rare and threatened wildlife where visitors learn about biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.


Romero is the only one lodge located in the heart of the Manu National Park, it has comfortable twin/double rooms with on-suite hot showers. providing access to one of the most remote amazon environments on the planet.

Located in spectacular Manu primary rainforest teeming with endemic birdlife and endangered species such as the emperor tamarin monkey and giant river otter, but also a variety of mammals, insects, monkeys and other species.

 At Romero Rainforest Lodge, you will have unique access to viewing platforms and oxbow lakes for intimate wildlife viewing experiences.