Manu Multimedia Internship

Our Manu Multimedia Internship will aid your career development in environmental journalism and communications. We offer practical, hands-on training in written, photography and film media.

The entire programme will be mentored by highly trained professionals, who will guide you through weekly workshops and assignments.

The professional skills gained on the internship will help you carve the career that you want, while allowing you to grow and develop personally through an immersive experience shared with like-minded people.

By the end of it you will produce a professional portfolio of published multimedia work to showcase your diverse skill-set to future employers and receive careers advice and development through group workshops and one-on-one tutorials to build career confidence and insight into the various employment options.

And more than this, by living and working in Manu Rainforest with the Crees team, you will be directly supporting our conservation and community projects in the Amazon. So a massive thank you for choosing Crees.

Let’s kick start your communications career!



12 weeks to 24 weeks


Manu Learning Centre


Multimedia internship

A day as a Multimedia Intern

Amazon Sunrise at 5.30 am

You wake up before dawn and catch the boat down to the beach as the sun begins to rise over the Amazon rainforest and the distant snow-capped mountains. The early morning light is perfect for shooting atmospheric photos. A spectacular way to start the day.

Colpa (Clay lick) Monitoring – 6.00am

Flocks of macaws, parrots and parakeets begin to arrive at the clay lick by the beach, where they socialise and replenish minerals needed in their diet. You busily write notes as the team leader explains to the guests how to identify different species and record various data, so that our researchers can better understand how these threatened species are being impacted by tourism and habitat loss. You’ve got your next blog idea sorted.

Wildlife Encounters – 7.00am

You hop back on the boat for a typical Peruvian breakfast with the team back at camp, before setting out with your team leader into the rainforest to learn about tropical ecology surveys and how studying indicator species can help researchers better understand the health of an ecosystem. You take up-close photos of the amazing diversity of Amazonian butterflies, amphibians and reptiles. Another blog idea is writing itself.

Lunchtime Gossip – 12.30pm

Back at camp you enjoy a hearty Peruvian lunch with the team, swapping stories about the day’s best wildlife sightings. You get to know the new group of guests and talk about jungle life. After a good natter, you help the kitchen staff with the washing up and spend time getting to know them, picking up colourful Peruvian Spanish phrases.

Media Workshop – 2.00pm – 5.00pm

You join your intern group for three hours of study and your intern leader takes you through this week’s media topic, teaching you skills in writing, marketing, photography or filmmaking. As the workshop progresses, you complete tasks and formulate new ideas as a team, while your leader provides plenty of discussion and feedback. This week’s assignment is set and you can’t wait to get cracking on it.

Home-grown fun – 6.30pm

After dinner, you spend a fun-filled evening practising Spanish with our Peruvian staff, maybe sharing stories exchanging your different cultures and experiences that will expand your understanding and horizons. You play games with the new guest group and start building lifelong friendships. Or you chill out with a good book.

Early nights – 9.00pm

Tired and fulfilled after the day’s activities, you are on the way to bed but take a moment to stand in awe of the amazing starscape and the milky way like you have never seen it before. You hit your pillow for an early night, in preparation for the new adventures and experiences that tomorrow will bring.

By the end of this Manu Multimedia Internship you will have achieved:

  • Skills in writing, marketing, photography, filmmaking, podcasts and design.
  • Learning about the social, economic and environmental issues that impact the Amazon rainforest.
  • One-to-one mentorship with an experienced professional
  • Learning with the support to successfully complete weekly assignments and produce a portfolio of work to showcase skills to future employers.
  • Learn to successfully communicate the complex social, economic and political challenges facing Manu.
  • Valuable Fieldcraft and sustainable practices

Booking an internship with Crees will not only allow you to access one of the world’s most amazing places, it also makes a sustained contribution to help protect Amazon and its people.

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