Romero Rainforest Lodge

The only lodge inside the most biodiverse place on earth, The Manu National Park

The mega biodiversity of the Manu rainforest origins in its rich geography. From altitudinal gradients, ranging from 4000 m.s.n.m in the high Andes to 280 m.s.n.m in the lowlands of the Amazon. Romero is the only lodge inside the heart of the Manu National park.

Located between the Limonal and Pakitza checkpoints, we are the only hostel within the Manu National Park, granted by the Ministry of the Environment. Our facilities have everything you need to provide you with an unforgettable experience, joining efforts to conserve the megadiverse landscape of which we are a part of.

Visiting the primary forest lets you appreciate species of mammals as the puma and jaguar; birds as the cock of the rocks and hummingbirds, and a great diversity of flora such as orchids and enourmous trees.

Romero Rainforest lodge is designed to provide you the most comfortable and secure accomodation, but also breathtaking views of the Manu river, and accessible trails to the forest in an unique trip.

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