A sustainable research and education centre in the Manu Biosphere Reserve



Rising out of the Amazon foothills, the Manu Learning Centre (MLC), sits majestically above the riverbanks of the Alto Madre de Dios River. The fusion of indigenous Matsiguenka principles and modern comfort allows the MLC to blend into the rainforest whilst providing rustic comfort for visitors. Primarily a research and education centre, the on-going investigations in climate change, carbon sequestration and biodiversity provide visitors a unique opportunity to understand the behind the scenes mechanisms of conservation research, whilst observing the phenomenal biodiversity. The MLC provides a lens into the cultural and geographical importance of the rainforest an incredible opportunity to explore its 650 hectare reserve.

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The Manu Learning Centre is home to over 650 butterfly species, 490 birds, 74 mammals, 71 amphibians and 80 reptiles with new species to science also being discovered. It provides a unique opportunity to see some incredible wildlife in it’s natural habitat.

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