Join us in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon for a unique experience led by conservation experts

Yoga – Andes to Amazon
Combine yoga and nature for a truly memorable experience of Peru
6D 5N $1800 per person (Shared Tour)

Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Peru, combining some of the most amazing natural landscapes using yoga to develop and maintain personal balance. Led by an experienced yoga…

Wildlife Uncovered
The Forest and Beyond
11D 10N Shared - $3488 Private - $4650

This trip really allows you to relax and experience the spectacular wildlife of the Amazon. Highlights include Manu's famous clay-lick and oxbow lakes.

MLC Tomatoes 2
Flavours of Manu
Amazon cooking experience
5D 4N Shared - $1175 Private - $1500

Try local produce and learn how to cook some of the traditional meals from local people themselves. All this done in the setting of a beautiful lodge deep in the…

The Manu Explorer
Journey to the Heart of the Amazon
8D 7N Shared - $2630 Private - $3640

This trip will inspire a truly authentic experience of the jungle. This remote part of the rainforest is home to some of Peru's endemic wildlife species.

Tom_Mason_August 26, 2013-peru-_DSC0819
The Amazon Birder
A Trail of Discovery
8D 7N Shared - $2715 Private - $3950

Manu boasts some of the world's most unusual, rare and endangered avian species. Experience first-hand a teeming birdlife population, from the Andes to the lowland Amazon. The ultimate trip for…

Biogarden 3
The Legacy Traveller
A Guided Conservation Tour
7D 6N Shared - $1500 Private - $1750

This tour includes a guided visit to vibrant Cusco, plus the opportunity to get involved in conservation and community projects to gain a better understanding of complex issues. Perfect for…

The Manu Pioneer
Rainforest Introduction Tour
4D 3N Shared - $815 Private - $1162

A fantastic overview for the first time visitor; this tour encompasses highlights of the Amazon. You will explore the mesmerising forest and learn about the local culture.

The Manu Adventurer
Active Amazon Tour
4D 3N Shared - $1045 Private - $1705

A tour with a touch of adventure for the adrenaline-junkie. Discover Peru's raw spirit with rafting, mountain biking and trekking through lush tropical jungle.

The Manu Classic
Rainforest In-depth Tour
5D 4N Shared - $1010 Private - $1355

Make your Amazon experience even more rewarding with an extra day of activities. This trip will take you deeper into the rainforest to explore its incredible sights.

“We had a great three days at the Manu Learning Centre in April. The location is stunning next to the beautiful river and just getting there is an adventure in itself. You just feel you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the rainforest. We loved the jungle walks, the lake trip where we saw some unique bird life. What makes Manu special is the enthusiasm of the staff towards conservation and the sharing of that knowledge. The camaraderie of the communal eating by candlelight and the excitement that you might see something really special.”

Caroline, UK 4D3N Tour