Join us in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon for a unique experience led by conservation experts

Inspiring Manu_600x600
Inspiring Manu – Behind the Lens
with Charlie Hamilton-James
15D/14N £4250 Exclusive Group Tour

Highlights of the Amazon with one of the regions most renowned photo-journalists as featured on the BBC's 'I Bought A Rainforest'. Also explore the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco…

Wildlife Uncovered
The Forest and Beyond
11D/10N Shared - £2250 Private - £3000

This trip really allows you to relax and experience the spectacular wildlife of the Amazon. Highlights include Manu's famous clay-lick and oxbow lakes.

MLC Tomatoes 2
Flavours of Manu
Amazon cooking experience
5D4N Shared - £750.00 Private - £975.00

Try local produce and learn how to cook some of the traditional meals from local people themselves. All this done in the setting of a beautiful lodge deep in the…

The Manu Explorer
Journey to the Heart of the Amazon
8D/7N Shared - £1695 Private - £2350

This trip will inspire a truly authentic experience of the jungle. This remote part of the rainforest is home to some of Peru's endemic wildlife species.

Tom_Mason_August 26, 2013-peru-_DSC0819
The Amazon Birder
A Trail of Discovery
8D/7N Shared £1750 Private £2550

Manu boasts some of the world's most unusual, rare and endangered avian species. Experience first-hand a teeming birdlife population, from the Andes to the lowland Amazon. The ultimate trip for…

Biogarden 3
The Legacy Traveller
A Guided Conservation Tour
7D/6N Shared - £825 Private - £1250

This tour includes a guided visit to vibrant Cusco, plus the opportunity to get involved in conservation and community projects to gain a better understanding of the complex issues surrounding…

The Manu Pioneer
Rainforest Introduction Tour
4D/3N Shared - £525 Private - £750

A fantastic overview for the first time visitor; this tour encompasses highlights of the Amazon. You will explore the mesmerising forest and learn about the local culture.

The Manu Adventurer
Active Amazon Tour
4 days 3 nights Shared - £650 Private - £1100

A tour with a touch of adventure for the adrenaline-junkie. Discover Peru's raw spirit with rafting, mountain biking and trekking through lush tropical jungle.

The Manu Classic
Rainforest In-depth Tour
5 Days 4 Nights Shared - £650 Private - £875

Make your Amazon experience even more rewarding with an extra day of activities. This trip will take you deeper into the rainforest to explore its incredible sights.

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